123 Greetings – Redesign

I was recently approached by 123 Greetings to create original card illustrations for their company. 123 Greetings, offers a platform for creators to sell their work for a small percentage of their sales. As I had already created a few greeting cards myself, I figured I would sign up, post my cards, and maybe make a few bucks. When I visited their site, however, I found this.

There’s a lot wrong here. Not just from a visual design point of view but also a user experience. I filled in the sign-up options for creators and finally gave up when they asked for my MySpace account. Here’s the interesting thing though. The site receives over 1 million hits per month. People are using this service. Also, I checked, people are still using myspace.

I decided to redesign 123 Greetings using best practices in design and UX. Here’s how it went.

Step 1.
The logo

The current logo looked like it needed an update. After a few iterations, I came up with a design that both kept the playfulness of the original logo and added a little more information about the company.
It’s an Ecard! …Get it?

Step 2.

The current site wasn’t giving enough visual hierarchy to the things they were selling. There is a lot of space where the cards could go.
There weren’t any filters to discover specific cards. If I went looking for a birthday card, for example, I would have to look through ALL of the birthday cards. To solve this, I looked at the way streaming services like Netflix and Hulu organize their content. By categorizing, sub categorizing, and adding a search function, cards could be discovered and suggested more easily. I added filters to each card category as well.

Step 3.
Make it look nice.
The current site seemed to be hiding the very things it was selling. There was a lot of available space that wasn’t being used correctly. I decided to go for a visual-heavy gallery view to display the content.

Step 4.
The site gains revenue from ad space so I included a large amount of space devoted to ads.

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